Eva Marañón García

Thank you for visiting my profile, much appreciated!

I am Eva, the proud mother of a little girl and an engineer with extensive experience in the automotive, aeronautical and wind power sectors. Highly motivated, dynamic, hardworking and restless learner of new points of view and skills that I hope will allow me to help in the effort to contribute to a better world that walks towards excellence, prosperity and more sustainable and inclusive for future generations.

I deeply believe in the “culture of trust” and the “Power of Dreams” (…because we are also in the business of building dreams, chasing them, achieving them, moving for them. Never resting until we reach that dream. Each new adventure, each limit that is exceeded, each dream that is achieved…that is really the heritage to unfold).

With what I like to inspire others: Mother Skills 😉, Scrum+Kanban, APQP4Wind, Quality Management Systems, Project Management, Customer Experience Management, Supplier Quality Development, New Product & Technology Development, Auditing, International Team Management, Industrial Organization (Lean Manufacturing + Six Sigma), Problem Solving Coaching, Wind University Trainer.

Go and find what you are truly passionate about!!