Teresa Gimeno

My main background is on plant ecophysiology, but I am skilled in additional disciplines including: plant-process modelling, spatial statistics, plant-soil interactions and dendroecology. I joined the BC3 in May 2018 as an Ikerbasque research fellow. From December 2014 to March 2018, I was based at the UMR ISPA at INRA Bordeaux (France), first funded by the IdEx program of the Université de Bordeaux and then by a Marie S. Curie research fellowship. Previously, I held a postdoctoral fellow of the Australian CSIRO and the Western Sydney University. During this stage, I had the opportunity to work in the world’s largest climate change experiment. The core of my research project during this stage consisted on quantifying the impact of elevated CO2 on the water balance of a native woodland. Before, I was in charge of the technical set up and site characterization for a European project assessing the effects of forest tree diversity on ecosystem services, during a postdoctoral stay at the University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC, Spain). I did my PhD at the former Institute of Natural Resources of the Spanish Scientific Council (CSIC), currently integrated within the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN-CSIC), with several research stages in Spain and abroad, including Australia, Canada and the INRA-Nancy. During my PhD, I focused on the combined effects of climate change and changes in land use on native Mediterranean forests.


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